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nowhere n : an insignificant place; "he came out of nowhere" adv : not anywhere; in or at or to no place; "I am going nowhere"

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  1. In no place.
    Nowhere did the rules say anything about popcorn.
  2. To no place.
    We sat in traffic, going nowhere.



in no place

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Nowhere typically means a place that doesn't exist or a place that seems like it doesn't exist. other definitions are: 1)no place; 2)not near anything man made; 3)not placed on a map It can refer to:
In Business
  • Nowhere, a group of companies specializing in co-creation.
In film:
  • "Nowhere" a 1997 film by director Greg Araki.
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China, Darkest Africa, God knows where, Greenland, North Pole, Outer Mongolia, Pago Pago, Pillars of Hercules, Siberia, South Pole, Thule, Tierra del Fuego, Timbuktu, Ultima Thule, Yukon, antipodes, frontier, godforsaken place, in no place, jumping-off place, nowhither, outback, outer space, outpost, outskirts, pole, the Great Divide, the South Seas, the boondocks, the moon, the sticks, the tullies
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